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Electrical Safety

On the Job

A powerline can end your shift, or your life. Learn more about how to stay safe when working around powerlines on a construction site by reading “The 5 Things You Need to Know About Powerlines” (below). What you read will change the way you think about powerlines.

The 5 Things You Need to Know About Powerlines

Additional Tips

  • Remove or prepare for hazards before beginning any job by conducting a hazard assessment of the site.
  • Manage worksites carefully, with pre-work checklists for workers on roofs, scaffolding or any other aerial work.
  • Construction sites should always have a signaller or spotter to make sure heavy equipment, including dump trucks and cranes, are well away from powerlines,
  • When using any equipment, not only heavy machinery, but also things like ladders, be aware of powerlines and stay clear of them.

Call Before You Dig

Be sure to contact Ontario One Call to have a free cable locate done before undertaking any excavation work.

Safety tips courtesy of the Electrical Safety Authority. Visit their website for more information.