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Suite Metering

Suite Owners

Are you concerned about increasing maintenance fees? Are you tired of paying for your neighbours’ wasted electricity?

You only pay for what you use. You are in control!
With Individual electricity metering, owners have control over their own energy costs. You will be able to use it in ways that best maximizes your energy usage dollars.

Stop subsidizing your neighbours’ electricity waste.
If your neighbours choose to waste electricity in their suites, why should you pay for it? Pay only for what you use.

Slow down rapidly increasing maintenance fees.
Electricity is the single biggest cost in almost any condominium corporation budget. This is directly linked to increasing your maintenance fees as electricity costs continue to dramatically rise. When you have control of your own in suite electricity use, you can choose how to minimize the impact these increases will have on you.

Metering is the right course of action for all owners and tenants.
When a building is metered, building management becomes responsible for only common area usage. The resulting budget is lower and more predictable, which makes for more stable cost management and lower maintenance fees.

Metering increases the value of the building.
Lower maintenance fees are a result of unbundling the suite electricity costs. This is becoming more important because of the need to compete with the large numbers of condominium units built in the area since January 2008 – all of which are individually metered.

Stop subsidizing your neighbours! Pay only for what you use. Take control of your energy use today!
Talk to your building management office or email to leave a request for us to talk to your condo board.

The Veridian Advantage – A safe solution.
Since 1999, Veridian Connections has been one of Ontario’s most trusted energy service providers – proudly serving more than 120,000 residential and business customers located across east central Ontario. The company’s 225-plus employees focus on providing reliable, efficient and sustainable energy solutions and services, while maintaining the highest standards in health and safety within the workplace and the communities we serve.

Contact Erik Kalm at 416-879-8806 or email to get the conversation started today.