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Suite Metering

The Veridian Advantage – A safe solution.

The Veridian Connections name is a badge of reassurance for developers, condominium boards, landlords, suite owners and tenants. Since 1999, Veridian has been one of Ontario’s most trusted energy service providers – proudly serving more than 120,000 residential and business customers located across east central Ontario.

Suite metering is fair for all condominium owners!

Suite metering gives condo owners direct control over their own electricity consumption and costs.
Generally, people who pay their own electricity bill consume less energy. Studies show that those who pay their own electricity bill tend to use less electricity. The consumption savings have been demonstrated to be about 20 per cent*.

Suite metering is a financially prudent course of action for the condominium corporation.
When a building is suite metered, building management becomes responsible for only common area usage. The resulting budget is lower and more predictable, which makes for more stable cost management.

Suite metering reduces the impact of electricity price increases to the corporation.
Owners who reduce their energy usage will be less affected by any electricity price increases. Those that choose not to conserve will pay more, but only based on their individual suite usage.

Suite metering gives you the ability to take advantage of time-of-use rates.
Because owners have direct control of their own electricity usage, they will be better able to manage their costs and consumption.

Suite metering increases the value of the building.
Lower maintenance fees are a result of unbundling the suite electricity costs. This is becoming more important because of the need to compete with the large numbers of condominium units in our service area – all of which are suite metered for electricity.