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If you are moving into or out of a property located in Elexicon Energy’s (formerly Veridian Connections) service area, go to my.elexicon and fill out the required form. If you are seeking a new or upgraded electrical service connection, please select one of the forms listed below.

New or Upgraded Service Connection

To request a new or upgraded electrical service connection for an existing single family, semi-detached or townhome, contact our Customer Services Department to book an appointment.

Service Isolation and Service Removal

Requesting a Service Isolation means the electrical service to your property will be temporarily disconnected from Elexicon Energy’s system, at your request, and isolated from our electrical sources for a period lasting from several hours to several days.

Request a Service Isolation >

Requesting a Service Removal means your property will no longer be able to receive electricity. This is a permanent step, usually conducted when a building is to be demolished, moved to a new location or re-positioned on the same site. Elexicon Energy’s wires, transformers and other power equipment will be disconnected and physically removed.

Request a Service Removal >

Site Visits

Our staff can provide preliminary information over the phone, but in most cases it will be necessary for us to visit the site. You can make an appointment with a Field Service Representative, who will identify how your home will be connected and advise you of any costs related to your new or upgraded service.

If you are a new customer, you will also need to set up a customer account. You must complete and sign a service contract and, in most cases, provide a deposit.


  • Please allow sufficient time in advance of the date you need your new or upgraded service connections: 3 to 4 weeks is advisable – if service is available on your street; up to 8 weeks if there is no service available nearby.
  • Time will be required to schedule the appointment and them to complete the arrangements, which could include ordering new equipment and coordinating with other utilities.
  • Please click on the link below to request a site visit. We will email or contact you by telephone within 2 business days to confirm an appointment.

Request a Site Visit >