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General Information

2019 Scorecard

In April 2019, Elexicon Energy Inc. (“Elexicon”) was formed through the consolidation of Veridian Connections Inc. (“Veridian”) and Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation (“Whitby Hydro”). Elexicon is the fourth largest municipally owned electricity distributor in Ontario and provides electricity service to approximately 169,000 customers across a nearly 800 sq. km service territory. This service territory spans the communities of Ajax, Belleville, Brock, Clarington, Gravenhurst, Pickering, Port Hope, Port Perry, Uxbridge and Whitby.

For the 2019 reporting year, Elexicon filed its first set of consolidated Reporting and Record Keeping Requirements (“RRR”) data with the Ontario Energy Board (“OEB”), and is now presenting its first annual electricity utility scorecard based on that information. The 2019 results in this scorecard are based on the 2019 RRR data as filed by Elexicon, however the data from 2015-2018 is based on consolidated data from the two predecessor utilities. This historical data has been calculated in different ways depending on the measure. For example, in some instances the figures were re-calculated based on historical RRR data; and in other instances numbers were recast based on a weighted average number of customers. Regardless on the methodology used, Elexicon endeavored to consolidate past results in such a way to ensure accuracy and as much comparability as possible to its current performance.

In its inaugural electricity utility scorecard, Elexicon delivered exceptional results across all performance categories. Elexicon either met or exceeded its assigned target for all categories despite the challenges faced as a newly merged entity with a rapidly growing customer base. Elexicon is very proud of the progress it has made in 2019 by integrating two utilities to work seamlessly as one, while maintaining a high level of operational and customer service excellence.

Management is pleased to share its scorecard results and the following discussion and analysis with all interested stakeholders.

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