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EA Study: Seaton

Project Description

The City of Pickering is growing and so are its electricity needs. To meet the forecasted electricity demands in North Pickering, Elexicon Energy (formerly Veridian Connections) is working with Hydro One to ensure a safe and reliable supply of power.


Through an assessment of anticipated future electrical demand in North Pickering, Elexicon Energy identified that building a new municipal power transformer station (Seaton MTS) would best serve the growing number of homes and businesses in the area.

Subsequently, in June 2015, Elexicon Energy initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to evaluate three alternative transformer station sites. To ensure Elexicon Energy’s new facility has an adequate supply of power, it must be connected to Hydro One’s high-voltage grid. View Elexicon Energy’s initial Notice of Commencement below:

Notice of Commencement – Seaton MTS

Together, Elexicon Energy and Hydro One are updating the Class EA Study to plan for the construction of the new station and its connection to Hydro One’s high voltage system. The revised study will evaluate and determine a preferred location for the proposed transformer station, and the associated transmission line connection.

As we launch into the updated Class EA process, we encourage you to learn more about how this project will benefit the City of Pickering and the opportunities for public involvement.


The construction of Seaton MTS will ensure a reliable supply of power is available to support future growth of homes and businesses in the North Pickering area.

Project Location & Profile Description

The proposed study area Elexicon Energy and Hydro One are evaluating through the Class EA Study extends into North Pickering as shown on Study Area Map:

Study Area Map

The updated Class EA will evaluate the following:

  1. Alternative sites for the construction of a new municipal transformer station (Seaton MTS), to be owned and operated by Elexicon Energy.
  2. Connecting Seaton MTS to Hydro One’s existing 230 kV transmission line in this area. Depending on the station site selected, the line connection will involve either:
    1. Replacing a section of Hydro One’s existing single circuit (3 wires) 230 kV line with a double circuit (6 wires) 230 kV line or;
    2. Upgrading components such as the insulators and conductor (wire) on a section of Hydro One’s existing 230 kV transmission line.
  3. The construction of a tap line to connect the station to the existing 230 kV transmission line.

Seaton MTS Timeline

Elexicon Energy and Hydro One In Your Community

View the role both Elexicon Energy and Hydro One play in delivering power to your community:

Seaton MTS Infographic

We Want to Hear From You!

Public consultation is an integral component of the Class EA process. Elexicon Energy and Hydro One provides early notification of proposed undertakings to the government agencies, municipal officials, First Nations and Métis communities, potentially affected property owners, and other local stakeholders, and we maintain a project contact list to keep interested parties informed and engaged throughout the study process.

Public Information Centres

Elexicon Energy and Hydro One will host a second Public Information Centre (PIC) on March 2, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at Elexicon Energy’s corporate headquarters in Ajax. The PIC is being held to share information about the proposed project and to gather feedback from community members.

March 2 PIC Invitation

Elexicon Energy and Hydro One held its first PIC on November 2, 2016.

November 2 PIC Invitation

November 2 PIC Panels


The Seaton MTS project is subject to the provincial Environmental Assessment Act. The project is being planned in accordance with the approved Class EA for Minor Transmission Facilities. The Class EA was developed as a streamlined process to ensure that minor transmission projects that have a predictable range of effects are planned and carried out in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Consultation with elected officials, municipal representatives, government agencies, First Nations and Métis communities, interest groups and the public is an important part of the Class EA process. In addition to organized consultation opportunities, Elexicon Energy and Hydro One welcomes input at any time throughout the project.

As part of the consultation process, a draft Environmental Study Report (ESR) will be made available for a 30-day public review and comment period. Details of the review process will be communicated through various channels, including local newspapers, this project website and via notifications to project stakeholders.

The proposed station sites and associated line taps in the study area are located on Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) owned lands. The MOI land holdings that may be impacted by this undertaking will also be evaluated through the Class EA process to satisfy the requirements of the MOI Class EA for Public Works.

Additionally, depending on the station site selected, approval from the Ontario Energy Board under Section 92 of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 may also be required.

Draft Environmental Study Report

Draft Environmental Study Report

Draft Environmental Study Report Appendices

Environmental Study Report – Final Documents

Environmental Study Report – Final

Environmental Study Report – Appendices



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Mr. Andrew Roberts – Project Manager
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