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It was business as usual when Veridian staff across various departments sprung into action to provide a temporary power supply so that construction crews working at the future Lexus dealership facility in Ajax could keep the project on schedule. According to Christopher Endras, President, Endras Automotive Group, “Our Senior Project Manager, Tim Varcoe, was put in touch with Mr. Peter Petriw (Veridian’s Vice President of Engineering) and the ‘true magic’ of Veridian’s entire working team started happening.”


Ajax resident Peter Clendinneng was impressed with the personal touch Veridian’s maintenance crews took when trimming trees near the utility’s lines in his south Ajax neighbourhood. Peter explains, “Prior to commencing line clearing work in our backyard, Veridian and Davey Tree took the time to meet with my wife and I to ensure that the large silver maple – a staple of our yard for some 40-plus years – would not be affected in their efforts to continue to provide a reliable supply of electricity to our neighbourhood.”


Veridian’s operations team was applauded for the expertise they provided in seamlessly connecting a 25 MW biomass-fired cogeneration plant in Ajax to its grid – the largest generator connected directly to Veridian’s network to date. Roman Habets of Index Energy praised Veridian in saying, “Upgrading our Ajax operation to become a state-of-the-art generation facility was an ambitious task with formidable technological challenges. At every stage, Veridian’s team was up for the challenge.”


Speaking on the success of a petition that advanced plans to eliminate an inter-utility connection and to transfer his Bowmanville neighbourhood of 50 homes to Veridian Connections, new customer Wayne Fernandes happily states, “We were very pleased to transition from our previous electricity supplier to Veridian. The utility has better rates, reliable service and is a pleasure to deal with. I’m proud to be a customer of Veridian – a leading, progressive utility that plays a vital role in the communities they serve.”


Chantal Whitaker, Coordinator, Sustainability for the City of Pickering, praises Veridian for the integral role that the utility has played in Pickering’s journey to becoming a more sustainable city, “Veridian has been an excellent partner and financial contributor to the City’s Sustainable Pickering program for over eight years. These contributions have helped support many initiatives that result in greenhouse gas emission reductions, financial savings, heightened education and engagement with all sectors of our community.”


Durham Region’s Joe Green was recognized at the 2015 IESO Annual Energy Manager’s Forum for being in the top three provincially in terms of In-Service Savings by an Embedded Energy Manager. He helped the Region achieve 760 kW in peak demand reduction and 6,190 MWh in energy savings over 20 months. Joe recognized Veridian’s contribution in stating, “Without the financial support for the Embedded Energy Manager position that Veridian provided through the province’s Save on Energy program, the $1 million in annual energy savings that the Region has achieved would not have been realized.”


Veridian employee Lori Filion praised the utility’s Tuition Subsidy program that allowed her to pursue her goals of obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce through Laurentian University and a professional accounting designation through The Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario, “I have relied on the program over the years, and I greatly appreciate the company’s commitment toward continuing education and career development as I approach the completion of my career goals.”


Veridian’s Energy Manager Edgar Waniuk will be forever grateful that, when he had a medical emergency at the company’s corporate headquarters in June 2015, a workplace defibrillator was nearby and his colleagues had received Veridian’s Standard First Aid training. According to Edgar, “I can’t say enough about the folks I work with; they sprang into action and were able to use the defibrillator to keep me going until paramedics arrived. They are heroes in my opinion – they saved my life.”


In 2015, the U.S. Green Building Council selected Dunbarton High School in Pickering from 40 entries collected across 20 countries to be “The Greenest School on Earth”. Veridian stepped up to help the school achieve this designation by providing financial support when the school’s Enviro Club set out to plant a community garden in the same year. This Enviro Club member was thankful in stating, “Veridian’s help made our dream of a community garden come true. In the end, the organic produce that we grew from seeds planted in garden boxes built right in our school’s workshop was donated to a local community food bank.”