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Doing Business

Interested in being a supplier or contractor for Veridian? Our Requests for Proposals, Tenders and Expressions of Interest for potential vendors are listed below.

To obtain the required documentation, email our Purchasing Department and provide the Reference Number in the subject line of the email.

Current Opportunities

Suppliers and contractors are encouraged to review this section on a regular basis.

Current Opportunities
Job Type Reference Number Date Posted Closing Date Description Site Meeting Required? Status


Register your business today by emailing our Purchasing Department or call 1-888-445-2881 to speak with one of our Purchasing representatives.

Purchasing Policy

One of the most effective tools of the Procurement function is competition. While it is not always feasible or desirable to obtain competitive bids, a competitive bid process is recommended whenever practical, and selection of the preferred source should be determined by analysis on the technical, legal and cost information. Unless otherwise directed by Veridian’s Board of Directors, purchasing awards in excess of $50,000 will be based on invited requests for proposal or competitive bids.

The best price for products/services are obtained by free competition among qualified sources that have been furnished identical statements of our requirements and have an equal opportunity to earn the business. Communications with suppliers should ensure that the requirements:

  • are clearly, concisely and completely described and do not include conflicting or ambiguous requirements;
  • include defined acceptance criteria; and
  • provide suppliers a reasonable opportunity to compete.

Small Value Purchases

Purchases under $1,000 do not require a Purchase Order and are not required to go through a competitive bid process. Every effort is made by Veridian to incur the best price possible for the purchase.

Formal Quotation

A Formal Quotation is required when the purchase total is greater than $1,000 but less than $50,000. Formal written quotations are obtained from a minimum of three (3) suppliers/contractors and an award is made based on the evaluation set forth in the Request for Quote (RFQ).

Formal Sealed Bids

A Formal Sealed Bid is required for all purchases over $50,000 typically through a Request for Proposal (RFP). Proposals from proponents who have the necessary qualifications and experience to provide the type of product/service described in the RFP must be detailed, specific and shall be completed and submitted in the prescribed format. The proposals must be submitted in a clearly identified sealed envelope following the instructions in the RFP.

Evaluation Criteria

Proponents must be independent and licensed to practice in Ontario, and have no conflict of interest as a result of any other work performed by the company for Veridian. Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Specific criteria defined in the RFP document
  • Past performance
  • Anticipated completion dates
  • Safety
  • Price

Veridian generally awards contracts to the lowest responsible bidder that meets the scope and safety requirements of the RFP.


Health & Safety

Veridian is committed to providing a safe work environment and to conduct its business in a safe manner. Health & Safety are core business values that must be incorporated into all aspects of our operations.

Everyone shares responsibility for Health & Safety. All of our contractors/suppliers expect a safe and healthy work environment, and in turn, Veridian expect’s each contractor/supplier to contribute to that safe environment through responsible behavior.

All existing and potential contractors are required to attend a General Health & Safety Orientation provided by Veridian’s Manager, Health & Safety and Environment. All contractors and their workers are required to attend this session prior to commencing work on the awarded project. Any new or changed personnel working on the project must also attend this orientation session. It is the responsibility of the contractor to communicate any personnel changes directly to Veridian.

Please contact Veridian’s Purchasing Department to coordinate attendance at the next Health & Safety Orientation session.

Code of Conduct

Veridian’s Purchasing Policy is to review the supplier’s qualifications and to purchase from a supplier on the basis of their product and service quality, availability and price.

All employees who have contact with suppliers should be fully aware of Veridian’s intent to treat all relationships fairly and equally, and to obtain the optimum value for the company in an objective and ethical manner. Additionally, all employees should be sensitive to the perception generated by any interaction with suppliers, and have an obligation to uphold Veridian’s favourable reputation.

Veridian’s Purchasing staff utilizes the Principles and Standards of Purchasing Practice of the Purchasing Association of Canada as a guide to consistently exercise proper buying practices. In brief, the code states that each purchaser should “first consider the interest of his/her company; buy without prejudice; obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure; work for honesty in buying and selling; denounce all forms and manifestations of commercial bribery; respect his or her obligations; and enhance the development and standing of Purchasing.”

Some of the areas clearly to be avoided in a buyer-seller relationship are:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Misuse of buyer/supplier relationship
  • Unfair or uneconomical buying decisions
  • Reciprocity
  • Receipt of gifts from suppliers
  • Receipt of entertainment at the expense of the supplier
  • Expense-paid trips given by supplier (commercial airfare, company-owned jets, hotels, etc.)
  • Improper disclosure or use of confidential information

Frequently Asked Questions

Are site meetings available before bidding on a project?

Please refer to the Current Opportunities section to determine if there is a mandatory site meeting for the project. If the meeting is mandatory, you cannot bid on the project if you did not attend the required session. If the meeting is not mandatory and you would like to view the site before submitting a bid, please contact the Purchasing Department.

Where can I drop off my bid submission?

The submission package must be delivered directly to the address listed below prior to the close date listed on the Current Opportunities section or Bid Document. The package must clearly identify the Reference Number on the label.

Veridian Connections Inc.
Attn: Purchasing Department
55 Taunton Rd. E.
Ajax, ON L1T 3V3

How do I register my company for bid opportunities?

Please refer to the Supplier Registration page to ensure your company information is entered in to our database. Please note that while we make every attempt to notify contractors and supplier listed in our database of new bid opportunities, it is your responsibility to check our website on a frequent basis to view any new opportunities.