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Power Outages

Emergency Preparedness

Storms, interference from trees and animals, vehicle accidents and equipment failure are some of the realities affecting our power system that we try to protect against. However, outages still occur, so it makes sense to know what you can do to prepare for outages and what to do when they occur.

Before an outage

  • Have an emergency survival kit containing items you’ll need for remaining comfortable for at least three days (72 hours) immediately after or during a lengthy outage. Visit Emergency Management Ontario (link below) for a survival kit checklist.
  • Check trees on your property and call us to investigate branches and limbs that threaten to make contact with powerlines. High winds or heavy accumulations of snow and ice can bring trees and branches down onto powerlines, causing power outages and creating electrically charged hazards.
  • Emergency Management Ontario website > 

During an outage

  • Call 9-1-1 and Elexicon Energy (formerly Veridian Connections) immediately to report any downed wires or electrical hazards
  • Always consider downed powerlines to be live and dangerous. Electricity can travel through the ground around downed wires. Stay back at least 10 metres (33 feet) or the length of a school bus.
  • Portable generators, when used correctly, can provide security and comfort during power outages. If you need to use a portable generator, reference the owner’s manual and the Electrical Safety Authority (link below) for proper use and important safety tips.
  • Electrical Safety Authority website >

After an outage

  • Do not plug in or use electrical appliances that have been wet until they have been checked by a licensed electrical contractor or serviced by the manufacturer.
  • Give the electrical system a chance to stabilize before reconnecting appliances and equipment. Turn on appliances and equipment one at a time over 15 minutes to allow Elexicon Energy’s distribution system to stabilize and to help prevent a power surge from causing and outage shortly after the original event.