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November 20

Durham Region utilities begin rollout of home assistance program
Benefits of energy efficiency coming for income-eligible residents

DurhamRegion, ON – Income-eligible customers served by Oshawa PUC Networks Inc. (Oshawa PUC), Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation (Whitby Hydro) and Veridian Connections (Veridian) are being offered assistance – free of charge – to make their homes more energy efficient through the saveONenergy HOME ASSISTANCE program.

Offered by Durham-based electric utilities Oshawa PUC, Whitby Hydro and Veridian, the HOME ASSISTANCE program is helping income-eligible homeowners and tenants manage their energy use while making their homes more comfortable by offering in-home energy assessments as well as installing energy-saving measures at no cost. Social assisted housing providers may also qualify for assistance in make their buildings more energy-efficient.

The HOME ASSISTANCE program features three key strategic elements that include a detailed in-home energy assessment; professional installation of energy-efficiency measures (such as energy-saving light bulbs, low-flow showerheads and programmable power bars); and energy-efficiency advice to maximize impact through behaviours that lead to savings and proper use of the new technologies.

Windfall Ecology Centre is delivering the HOME ASSISTANCE program on behalf of Oshawa PUC, Whitby Hydro and Veridian to qualified homeowners, tenants, and social/assisted housing providers located in the communities served by the utilities. The program is one component of Ontario’s Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) strategy, and complements other energy assistance programs offered through electric and gas utilities as well as the province.

To find out more about the saveONenergy HOME ASSISTANCE program, eligibility and how to apply, please call 1-866-214-4770 or email


  • “We’re delighted to provide this free, innovative program to customers who may not be able to pay the up-front costs of energy-efficiency upgrades to make their homes more energy-efficient,” said Nadeige Carter, CDM Program Manager, Oshawa PUC. “We want to maximize opportunities for our customers to conserve electricity, help them manage their energy costs and reduce the demand on the electricity system.”
  • “This new program encompasses an educational element that offers customers the necessary tools to become and remain energy efficient,” explains Joseph Jedinak, Conservation and Demand Management Program Manager, Whitby Hydro.
  • “We are pleased to offer a program that is focused on bringing conservation and energy efficiency to those who are least able to afford it,” said Eryn Wishnowski, Conservation Specialist, Veridian. “Some of our customers want to do their part but lack the finances to do so. This program will help them manage their energy costs, and at the same time help Ontario achieve its conservation goals.”


  • The HOME ASSISTANCE Program – funded by the Ontario Power Authority – is one of a suite of province-wide saveONenergy conservation programs offered by Oshawa PUC Networks Inc., Whitby Hydro and Veridian to help Ontario achieve its conservation goals.
  • Overall, Ontario has 733,000 low-income households, or 16 per cent of households based on pre-tax income criteria. More than one-quarter of these households are electrically heated and almost one-third have electric water heaters.
  • Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan sets out one of the most ambitious conservation goals in North America – reducing peak demand by 7,100 megawatts and overall demand by 28 terawatt-hours by 2030. That’s the equivalent of taking over 2.4 million homes “off the grid.”


Oshawa PUC Networks Inc.
Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation is an infrastructure assets holding company providing innovative energy and communication related services that include electricity distribution services; fiber optics based high speed communications; and the development, construction and operation of energy generation assets.

Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation
Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation is one of the oldest public utilities in Ontario, serving approximately 40,000 customers within the Town of Whitby and the communities of Brooklin, Myrtle and Ashburn. With over 106 years of providing progressive and innovative distribution services, we continue to lead the utility industry in engineering design, customer service and conservation. By focusing on high quality customer service, diverse conservation program offerings, and creative marketing strategies, Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation is committed to fostering ‘a culture of conservation’ in its distribution territory.

Veridian Connections Inc.
Veridian Connections Inc. safely and reliably delivers electricity to more than 115,000 customers in the Cities of Pickering and Belleville, the Towns of Ajax, Port Hope and Gravenhurst, and the communities of Uxbridge, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Orono, Port Perry, Beaverton, Sunderland and Cannington. Veridian Connections Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Veridian Corporation. The City of Pickering, the Town of Ajax, the Municipality of Clarington and the City of Belleville jointly own Veridian Corporation.

For more information, contact:

Nadeige Carter
CDM Program Manager
Oshawa PUC Networks Inc.
Phone: 905-743-5207

Joseph Jedinak
CDM Program Manager
Whitby Hydro Electric Corp.
Phone: 905-444-1980

Eryn Wishnowski
Conservation Specialist
Veridian Connections Inc.
Phone: 905-427-9870 x 2229