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DRC Exemption Form

The Ontario government has announced the removal of the Debt Retirement Charge (DRC) from residential electricity consumers’ bills after December 31, 2015. In addition, non-residential customers who have at least one eligible residential unit are exempt from paying the DRC up to 1500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of monthly consumption multiplied by the number of residential units stated in its declaration form.

Customers with a Bulk metered multi-unit residential complex can self-declare their eligibility for the Debt Retirement Charge Exemption if they qualify. Your eligibility to obtain the exemption for any eligible residential unit will not be assessed until we have received this form fully completed with all required information. The exemption will commence on the later of January 1, 2016 or the date on which your eligibility is confirmed. Any delay in processing as a result of missing or inaccurate information on this form, may result in the exemption not being applied to your account. Retroactive exemptions will NOT be applied to your account.

Step 1 – Does your account qualify?

As defined in Ontario Regulation (O.Reg. 493/01), your account qualifies for DRC exemption if it relates to:

An eligible residential unit that:

  1. Is a self-contained set of rooms located in a building or structure,
  2. Contains kitchen and bathroom facilities that are intended for the use of that unit only, and
  3. Is used or intended for use as a residential premise.

Step 2 – Complete this form:

If your account qualifies, please download and complete the form provided below. If you have more than one qualified account, list each account separately. If there are units in your building or complex that are metered or billed separately from the account referenced, do not include them in the total number of units for this account.

DRC Exemption Form – PDF file

To receive a copy by mail, call 1-888-420-0070 or email

By completing the form, you certify that the account(s) listed provide(s) electricity that is consumed in at least one eligible residential unit. Please note, if the notice does not specify the number of eligible residential units that are included in the account, the notice is deemed to have specified that one such unit is included in the account.

You must provide written notification if your location ceases to qualify as a residential premise, or if there is a change in the number of units declared within the property or complex.

All information submitted in this process will be used by Veridian Connections in support of its obligations under the Electricity Act, 1998 and the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, applicable Ontario Energy Board Codes and Rules; associated policies; standards and procedures; and conditions of its electricity distribution license.

This information contained in this form will be retained by Veridian Connections and may be subject to review by the Minister of Finance pursuant to the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998.

Please return the completed form to:

Mail: Veridian Connections Inc., 55 Taunton Rd. E., Ajax, ON L1T 3V3, Attention: Customer Services


Fax: 905-837-7861