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General Information

2018 Scorecard

Veridian Connections Inc. (“Veridian”) continues to post levels of strong performance in virtually all of the key measurements.

Trends in all scorecard measures of service quality and customer satisfaction continued to be positive for 2018. Veridian understands its customers’ needs and has worked diligently to continually improve key customer services metrics such as Telephone Calls Answered on Time, First Contact Resolution and Billing Accuracy. This performance, coupled with historically strong reliability results, contributed to the very positive customer satisfaction levels that were measured in the spring 2019 telephone survey. The survey measured Veridian customers’ satisfaction levels as well as comparative satisfaction rates for a benchmark group of electricity distribution customers from across the province of Ontario. The survey found that Veridian customer satisfaction rates remained stable with an overall score of 95 per cent.

In 2018, Veridian conducted its Customer Engagement Plan, with the intended goal of ensuring that Veridian’s Business Plan and Distribution System Plan were informed by, and reflective of customer needs, values, priorities and preferences. The process involved online surveys that all customers were invited to participate in, as well as in-depth interviews with several customers representing a broad sample across customer types, geography and demographics. Veridian is appreciative of the feedback that it received, and will continue to rely upon it in developing its next consolidated Distribution System Plan.

In terms of operational effectiveness, providing safe, reliable power is an important goal and customer surveys consistently confirm that reliability performance is of very high importance to customers. Accordingly, management has for many years placed an emphasis on system reliability when making investment decisions. Following particularly stellar reliability results in 2017, the 2018 reliability performance reflects more normalized levels. On-going planning and strategic prioritization of investments in the distribution system, innovative technology and processes continue to be a priority. Cost Controls are also important measures which can be influenced by several factors. 2018 was impacted primarily by growth related investments required to support high levels of planned growth in several communities served by Veridian.

Management is pleased to share its scorecard results and the following discussion and analysis with all interested stakeholders.

As Veridian merged with Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation on April 1, 2019 to form Elexicon Energy Inc., future scorecard results will be reported on a consolidated basis for the newly merged organization. Elexicon Energy is committed to continuing its efforts to deliver a strong scorecard performance.

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