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General Information

2016 Scorecard

Veridian Connections Inc. (“Veridian”) is pleased to report solid performance scorecard results for 2016. Performance trends were stable or improved in almost all categories.

Management is particularly pleased with system reliability performance levels that were in the range of the best recorded over the past eleven years. These results can be attributed to a long term sustained focus on this performance outcome; a focus that was renewed and re-emphasized following a severe ice storm in December 2013. This storm served as a catalyst for a complete review of Veridian’s distribution system design, maintenance and operating practices. Since then, system automation has been enhanced, tree trimming practices improved and new communications systems established. Together, these efforts have resulted in sustained improvements in system reliability.

Trends in all scorecard measures of service quality continued to be positive for 2016. This performance, coupled with the strong reliability results, very likely contributed to the very positive customer satisfaction levels that were measured by a spring 2017 telephone survey. The survey measures Veridian customer satisfaction levels as well as comparative satisfaction rates for a benchmark group of electricity distribution customers from across the province of Ontario. The survey found that Veridian customer satisfaction rates remained stable with an overall score of 91 per cent, even though the provincial benchmark satisfaction rate dropped significantly to just 76 per cent. Veridian’s out-performance of the provincial benchmark by 15 per cent was the highest recorded over the past several years.

Veridian’s strong overall performance in 2016 was recognized by the Electricity Distributors Association (“EDA”) with the presentation of its ‘Ontario Power Generation LDC Performance Excellence Award’. The award is presented to a local electricity distributor that has distinguished itself among its peers by performance excellence in a number of categories addressed by this performance scorecard. The EDA award categories include: 1) Occupational Health and Safety, 2) Operational Excellence, 3) Financial Operations, 4) Retail Strategies for Conservation and Demand Management, and 5) Contribution to the Community.

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