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May 16

Veridian launches safety campaign to raise awareness and educate public on safe digging and dangers of electrical equipment.
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Veridian launches safety campaign to raise awareness and educate public on safe digging and dangers of electrical equipment

Ajax, ON –Veridian Connections today launched a safety awareness campaign to encourage its customers to keep safety top-of-mind when they carry out spring home improvement projects, and as children begin spending more time enjoying and exploring their neighbourhoods.

“We make every effort to ensure our equipment can cause no accidental harm to anyone, but if tampered with our power delivery equipment can be deadly,” said President and CEO Michael Angemeer. “It’s very important, especially now with the warmer weather upon us and kids playing outdoors, that parents and childcare providers speak to their children about electrical safety, and instruct them to stay away from electrical equipment and power lines.”

The two-month campaign, intended to raise awareness and educate the public on safe digging and the dangers of electrical equipment, includes radio and newspaper advertising; unique posters with creative messaging for schools, contractors and municipal buildings; and other useful information and resources that can be found on Veridian’s website.

A key message that will be conveyed during the campaign is a reminder that residents and contractors should always contact Veridian before undertaking excavation work. “There is no way to guess where, or how deep, underground power lines are buried and digging into one can be a dangerous and costly mistake,” said Jim Miners, Veridian’s Manager of Health and Safety. “Veridian’s free, cable locate service will identify any of the company’s underground cables before digging commences to prevent the risk of contacting an underground hydro cable and causing injury or death.

A top priority of Veridian is the health and safety of its employees and members of the public. “We’re proud of our reputation as a utility that has established a safety-first culture, and we’re working to see this culture take root amongst local youth,” said Miners. “One way we support this is through the delivery of the Electricity Safety & Conservation program, where a group of trained presenters deliver safety presentations to elementary school students. The presentations deal with electrical safety and conservation in the school, home as well as outdoors around utility poles, towers and substations.”

Veridian’s commitment to safety extends beyond its offices. The company is a founding member of the Senior Executive Health and Safety Leadership Charter (previously known as the CEO Health & Safety Charter) – a Canada-wide initiative comprised of CEOs and other leaders focused on and dedicated to providing health and safety for their organizations and communities.

Veridian Connections Inc. safely and reliably delivers electricity to more than 115,000 customers in the Cities of Pickering and Belleville, the Towns of Ajax, Port Hope and Gravenhurst, and the communities of Uxbridge, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Orono, Port Perry, Beaverton, Sunderland and Cannington. Veridian Connections Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Veridian Corporation. The City of Pickering, the Town of Ajax, the Municipality of Clarington and the City of Belleville jointly own Veridian Corporation.

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Chris Mace
Sales & PR Representative – Corporate Communications
Veridian Connections Inc.
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