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June 11

Ontario Invests in Energate to Lead in Consumer Engagement for the Smart Grid

The Investment from Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund is for a Demonstration Project of Smart Energy Innovations in Homes throughout the Province

TORONTO, ON – Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley today announced that Ottawa-based Energate, Inc., a leading, innovative provider of residential demand response (RDR) and home energy management solutions for utilities and their customers, has been awarded an investment of C$2.9 million from Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund (SGF). The investment, with an in-kind match from Energate that totals C$5.8 million, is for a “Consumer Engagement for the Smart Grid” demonstration project of smart energy innovations for up to 1000 homes all across Ontario during the next 18 months. Energate will partner with Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) throughout the province to implement the project that is expected to commercialize industry-leading concepts for Consumer value enabled by the Smart Grid.

“Created as a smart investment in Ontario’s clean energy future, Ontario’s SGF supports the growth of Ontario’s smart grid by investing in projects that will enhance the province’s electricity system and provide economic development opportunities,” said Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley. “Energate’s understanding of the market and commitment to innovation gives us great confidence that we can, together, enhance the value of the Smart Grid for Ontario Consumers while building economic activity from Ontario for other markets.”

The project will provide and evaluate state-of-the-art solutions that enable consumers to manage and control their home energy use with advanced technologies like smart thermostats, mobile smartphone applications, energy “dashboards” and Web portals. Specifically, the project will build upon Energate’s Consumer-Connected Demand Response (CCDR™) platform: a platform that has been approved for the peaksaver PLUS program province wide and is already being deployed in some regions.

Aside from the proven benefits of grid reliability and generation asset utilization, utilities can avoid building new power plants by motivating consumers to conveniently shift electricity demand while not disrupting their lifestyle. Managing energy use is especially valuable when renewable energy sources are adopted and commercialized and when new electric loads are added like electric vehicles. Energate has over 20 utility customers in the United States and has proven interoperability with over 10 Smart Grid technology partners.

Participants using Energate’s technology in the OPA’s Demand Response Pilot were able to reduce their coincident peak demand by 50 percent and in some cases reduce their overall monthly bill by up to 30 percent. The enhanced technology to be deployed in the SGF demonstration project will allow LDCs to experiment with new approaches to make their distribution grid more efficient. With the commercialization of new consumer engagement tools, it is expected that more homeowners will embrace the technology that provides mutual benefit to the power grid and the consumer while reducing greenhouse gases. The instantaneous feedback available from Energate’s CCDR solution will allow real time evaluation of the impact of these strategies.

“Energate is pleased that the Ministry has recognized the importance of providing Ontarians with advanced technology to control their home energy use,” said Niraj Bhargava, Energate’s Chief Executive Officer. “Energate concurs that the benefits of Ontario’s smart grid can truly be realized by providing consumers with the tools they need to easily and effectively manage and control their energy utilization.”

Six LDCs have already committed to participating in the demonstration project, including Cambridge & North Dumfries Hydro, Hydro One, Hydro Ottawa, Peterborough Utilities, PowerStream, and Veridian Connections. Energate expects additional LDCs will also choose to participate during the 18-month project.

“This project will stimulate consumer engagement in home energy management by extending Ontario’s smart grid directly into the home,” said Michael Angemeer, Veridian Connections President and CEO. “We are pleased to be working with Energate based on the company’s proven track record of empowering consumers to control their energy consumption with a choice of user-friendly devices and applications.”

About Energate
Energate ( is a leading provider of demand response and home energy management solutions including software, wireless communications, gateways, smart thermostats, switches and consumer energy displays. The Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR™) solution allows utilities to immediately address residential energy demand and empowers consumers to more effectively manage their energy use. Energate products seamlessly connect to the Smart Grid to deal with supply and demand challenges, the increased use of renewables and dynamic rate structures. Founded in 2004, Energate is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario with offices in California, Illinois, Texas and Toronto.

Energate Broadband-Enabled Demand Response Platform Approved and Deploying for Ontario Utilities and Consumers

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Ontario Invests in Energate to Lead Smart Grid Consumer Engagement


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