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December 25 – Update (10:30am)

Veridian updates its community power outage status report – 10:30 a.m.

Ajax, ON – Veridian crews worked through the night to restore service to customers still without power caused by the severe ice storm of last weekend. Approximately 1,500 customers had their service restored between the hours of midnight and 9 a.m. It is estimated that just over 2,500 customers still remain without power this morning.

The overnight restoration efforts returned service to about 1,000 customers in south Ajax and another 500 customers in parts of north and south Pickering. All available line and tree trimming crews are deployed today.

Following is a list of the more significant known power outages as of 10:30 a.m. today:

Port Hope – While service has been restored to a majority of the municipality, outages continue in isolated pockets that include Scriven Blvd., Bruton St., Hope St. and Beamish St. Restoration efforts resumed this morning and will continue throughout the day.

Orono – About 45 customers in Orono are still without power. The affected streets include Church St., Station St., Bowen St. and Rowe St. The cause of the problem has been identified and repair work will commence this afternoon.

Ajax – Approximately 1,100 customers remain without power and in the following general areas:

  1. South of Highway 401, north of Lake Driveway, west of Pickering Beach Rd./Salem Rd., and east of Harwood Ave.
  2. South of Highway 2, north of Highway 401, west of Harwood Ave. and east of Westney Rd.
  3. Riverside St. south of Rossland Rd.

Restoration efforts continue today.

Pickering – Outages continue in the following areas:

  • South-west Pickering – Approximately 700 customers in the following areas continue to be without service:
    • Scattered areas south of Highway 2, north of Lake Ontario, west of Westshore Blvd. and east of Whites Rd.
    • Scattered areas in the Bay Ridges neighbourhood, primarily in the centre core and areas north of Annland St. and south of Radom St.

Restoration efforts continue today.

  • North Pickering – Approximately 200 customers in the following areas continue to be without service.
    • Along 9th Concession, west of Lakeridge Rd. and east of Brock Rd.
    • Along 8th Concession, west of Brock Rd. and east of Sideline 22
    • Along 7th Concession, west of Salem Rd. and east of Sideline 12
    • All of Greenwood Road

Restoration efforts continue today.

  • Miscellaneous – Smaller scale outages have been identified throughout the community in the following areas:
    1. Sections of the Major Oaks subdivision, including Duberry Dr.
    2. Sections of the area immediately south and east of the intersection of Taunton Rd. and Brock Rd.
    3. Spruce Hill Rd. and Jacqueline Ave.

Residents who reside outside of the above geographic zones should call 1-866-579-6819 to report that they are without power.

While Veridian continues to be committed to restoring power to all affected customers as quickly as possible, equipment damage affecting individual customers may result in prolonged power outages.

In some cases, repairs to customer owned meter bases and service masts must be completed before Veridian is able to restore service to individual customers. The repair or replacement of such equipment must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor retained by the customer. Approved contractors can be found at or by calling ESA at 1.877.372.7233.

Customers are reminded to exercise extreme caution around damaged poles and downed wires. All fallen wires should be considered live and dangerous. Customers are urged to report the locations of fallen wires to Veridian’s 24-hour Outage Hotline by calling 1-866-579-6819.

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