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peaksaver PLUS

Registration for peaksaver PLUS is currently closed.

How it works

During hot summer weekdays, central air conditioners are running at their maximum and the demand for electricity is at its highest. A few times a summer, when there’s very high demand, a signal may be sent to your peaksaver PLUS thermostat to reduce your electricity consumption.

peaksaver PLUS is only activated on very hot summer days (from May 1st until September 30th) when demand is at a peak icon-peaksaver-summer icon-peaksaver-calendar The device will only be activated between Monday to Friday from 12 noon and 7PM
A majority of participants in program pilots noted that they could not feel a noticeable difference in temperature icon-peaksaver-thermo icon-peaksaver-clock Activations will never occur on weekends or statutory holidays and will only last for a maximum of 4 hours

How do I login online?

  1. You will need a Username and Password to access your thermostat controls online.
  2. Your Username will be the serial number of your thermostat – found on the sticker located on the bottom edge of your thermostat.
  3. Your default Password will be your last name (in lowercase).
  4. You can personalize your Username and Password after your initial login
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