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AffordAbility Fund

About the program

The Government of Ontario established the AffordAbility Fund to help electricity customers improve the energy efficiency of their homes, while reducing their electricity bills and carbon footprint.

The program is designed to help people who do not qualify for the low-income electricity support programs, but who are unable to undertake energy efficiency improvements without support.

If energy-saving upgrades are out of reach, we’re here to help. You may qualify for free energy-saving products such as ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs, ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, a programmable powerbar, or improvements to insulation and weatherstripping in your home.

How the program works

Step 1
Complete an online application or speak to an AffordAbility Fund representative by calling 1-855-494-FUND (3863).

Step 2
Have your information handy. An AffordAbility Fund representative will need to know some basic information when you apply such as your household income, how many people live in your home, type of heating and the average amount of your electricity bill.

Step 3
You will receive a follow up call to review and verify the information you have provided as well as the program options available to you. These options may including choosing what energy efficiency items might help you reduce your electricity usage, and include these in your free energy-saving kit or schedule a home energy assessment if you qualify.

Get started today

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Call 1-855-494-FUND (3863)
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


If you have questions about the status of your application, or about the AffordAbility Fund Program, please email;