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Energy Assessments

Book a complimentary energy assessment with us.

We provide free Facility Assessment services for facilities over 30,000 sq. feet. The Facility Assessment uses the following approach to ensure you will have a clear understanding of where the best opportunities for energy savings exist:

  • Review electrical usage and bill rate structure
  • Up to 4-hour high-level facility audit assessment that:
    • Reviews existing operations, present components and technologies
    • Identifies 3-5 key opportunities for energy savings within customer facility/operation
    • Assesses opportunities for equipment replacements/modifications, or process changes/additions
    • Constructs tables specifying equipment suggested for replacement and associated incentives
    • Generates a “Summary Report with Recommendations”
    • Provides presentation to decision makers on report findings and associated recommendations for energy efficiency projects.

The Facility Assessment can also become grounds for a more involved Energy Audit. If you would like a more detailed audit, you can take advantage of the Independent Electricity System Opeartor’s AUDIT FUNDING program for projects demanding a more extensive assessment of cost and benefits.

Contact us to book your free Facility Assessment

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