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Ontario has long been recognized for its leadership and commitment to providing assisted and social housing. The Province has a proven track record of developing innovative solutions for improving the quality of life of residents in assisted and social housing. These solutions include an increased focus on achieving energy efficiency in this sector, and providing financial support to do so.

Substantial financial incentives continue to be available to make assisted and social housing buildings more energy-efficient. These incentives can help assisted and social housing providers undertake energy audits to identify potential energy savings opportunities, and make upgrades to equipment, such as HVAC systems, in-suite appliances and lighting fixtures, as well as to the building envelope. A wide variety of energy-efficiency upgrades are now eligible for savings of as much as 50 per cent. Additional incentives totalling $5 million annually are available to eligible assisted and social housing providers on a first-come, first-served basis for equipment replacement projects. Training, tools and resources are also offered to help tenants adopt energy-saving habits.

Making life more comfortable and affordable for people living in assisted and social housing remains a priority. So does helping building owners and managers enjoy lower utility costs, better tenant comfort and even increased property values. Why not take a moment to explore the financial and other supports that are available?

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