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Elexicon Energy Inc. | Veridian Connections Inc.
55 Taunton Rd. E.
Ajax, ON
L1T 3V3
24-hour Outage Hotline
(for all power outage calls)
Please do not send emails regarding outages.
Instead use the number listed below.
All service areas: 1-866-579-6819

Customer Services Department
(all service and connection related enquiries)
Ajax/Pickering: (905) 427-9870
Belleville: (Construction & Engineering enquiries) (613) 966-1235
All other service areas: 1-888-445-2881

Customer Care Department
(for all billing related enquiries)
Ajax/Pickering: (905) 420-8440
All other service areas: 1-888-420-0070

General Business Enquiries
Ajax/Pickering: (905) 427-9870
All other service areas: 1-888-445-2881

Key Accounts & Conservation Programs for Business Customers
Melanie Walls: (905) 427-9870 ext. 3257
Kirsten Hutka: (905) 427-9870 ext. 5210