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Tree Maintenance

To ensure public safety as well as the reliable operation of our distribution system, we maintain adequate clearance around our overhead power lines through a line clearing maintenance program that is performed by an Elexicon Energy-approved contractor.

We currently have tree trimming crews in our service territory clearing branches from our overhead power lines. Affected customers will receive a notice from the contractor.

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Private property owners are responsible for both trimming and tree/brush removal around service lines that are less than 750 volts, and around privately owned overhead power lines over 750 volts (i.e. farm service). Elexicon Energy should be notified to disconnect the power line before any work is performed.

Trees that have grown into power lines demand immediate attention, and the trimming should be undertaken by a trained professional. Cutting trees in proximity to energized power lines can be extremely dangerous. Only qualified and skilled utility arborist contractors should be hired.

Questions regarding this maintenance work can be directed to Kevin Philp at 1-888-445-2881, extension 3264.

Landscaping & Tree Trimming

Existing Trees

It’s important for homeowners to ensure trees and other plants don’t grow too close to power lines and other electrical equipment. Here’s why:

  • Tree limbs that come down during a storm or high winds can bring power lines with them, causing a power outage and leave live power lines on the ground which is a severe safety hazard.
  • Tree branches that touch power lines can also cause a fire and create an electric shock hazard if someone touches the tree.

Planting New Trees and Shrubs

If you’re planting new trees on your property, make sure to plant them far enough away from the power lines so even when your sapling is a mature tree, it doesn’t come too close. Follow the Electrical Safety Authority’s (ESA) Tree Planting Guide for suggestions on species that are appropriate to plant near power lines.

Thinking about planting shrubs around that green box on your property? Remember, this box – called a padmount transformer – contains electrical equipment that runs underground. Never dig near one, and don’t plant shrubs or plants within 1 metre of the box. This will make it difficult for utility personnel to find and access the box if there’s a power outage.

For more information, visit the ESA’s website at: