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Application for Service Removal

Service removal means your property will no longer be able to receive electricity. This is a permanent step, usually conducted when a building is to be demolished, moved to a new location or repositioned on the same site. Veridian’s wires, transformers, and other power equipment will be disconnected and physically removed.

Please note that if power is required on the site – after Service removal – this will be considered an application for new service and all financial and technical requirements then in effect for new services will apply.

Do you need to have electrical service physically removed, perhaps to accommodate a building demolition? We can take care of this, but we will need written authorization from the property owner. To initiate a service removal, please print and complete the Service Removal Request form, provided below, and submit it to:

Veridian Connections
55 Taunton Rd. E.
Ajax, ON L1T 3V3

Attention: Customer Connections Representative

If you have any questions regarding a service removal, our Customer Connections Representative will be pleased to assist you. Call 905-427-9870 locally or toll free at 1-888-445-2881.

Service Removal Request Form

Information on Service Isolation